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Nothing in the angling world gives you more grey hairs than travelling with fishing rods and hoping they arrive – and still in one piece.

Thankfully, several manufacturers now make high-quality multi-piece rods suitable for light to medium fishing. Some of these rods feature six or more sections that brings the packaged rod length down short enough to fit inside your suitcase.

More anglers than ever before are travelling to remote locations to sample some of the best untapped fishing on the planet. The good news is that many of these destinations will provide everything that you desire and more – although it often pays to take your own fishing tackle. The tackle you select to take, and how you pack and transport it, can either make or break your holiday.

First things first

For a trouble-free trip, and good results, a bit of research will help you considerably. Your research might include topics such as:

  • What species are available where I'm going – and are they in season during the time of my proposed travel?
  • If hiring a boat or charter operation, which are the best in the area? Do they supply fishing tackle – and if so, what is the quality? (Remember, there may be no shops available to replace tackle.)
  • What is the likely weather at the proposed destination?
  • What luggage restrictions are there with all airlines and surface transport involved in the trip?
  • Clothing requirements (wet weather gear?)
  • Medications and local restrictions? (Include precautionary supplies for diarrhea, etc.)
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