Platform Fees and Rewards

1. Platform fees

Fishingfavors does not charge a subscription fee and is supported by collecting commissions from paid favor engagement transactions entered into by its Users. By offering your service as a Doer and accepting online payments via the Service, you agree that we will withhold 8% (in case of Shopping&Delivery and International Shopping&Delivery engagement categories - 4%) but no less than 1.00 USD of any such Engagement transaction as a platform commission fee.

Here below is the table of all attendant extra fees which may occur on different stages of favor execution, both for Asker and Doer.

Fee descriprionAmount, USDDetails
Asker - card processing *
Credit card2.9% + USD 0.30Stripe pricing
PayPal **2.9% + USD 0.30PayPal pricing
User - Tipalti's withdrawal commissionTipalti's payment methods
eCheck (International ACH)5
ACH (US Only)0.98
PayPal **2% + USD 0.98, maximum USD 20.98 (FX fee: 2%)
WireTransfer US USD15
WireTransfer Non-US USD26
WireTransfer Non-US Non-USD20
User - Tipalti's withdrawal rejection charge

* For some limited favor categories Asker might be charged for a deposit. Deposit is fully refundable unless it was disputed.

** In US only. For non-USD currency conversion rate will be applied.

2. Fishingfavors escrow accounts

Fishingfavors is an Internet-based service providing secure transaction management between Askers and Doers for service engagements. The Service includes assisting Doers and Askers in creating, negotiating, and managing their transactions as well as dispute resolution. The Service intends to relieve the Asker of the risk of paying for a service that the Asker does not receive and relieve the Doer of the risk of providing a service and not receiving valid payment for it.

After completing Provider Service as a Doer and receiving your first funds, or paying Engagement price to Fishingfavors as an Asker, the Site will automatically deploy and maintain your Fishingfavors Escrow Account to receive and withdraw payments and to make payments to the Site for payment processing and other fees.

When both Users (Asker and Doer) agree to the terms of the Service Engagement, the Asker will pay Fishingfavors the amount of Engagement price, which will be credited to the Asker's account at Fishingfavors (the "Fishingfavors Escrow Account"). Fishingfavors will then instruct the Doer to provide the services in accordance with the Service Engagement. When the Asker certifies that it is satisfied with the services received in accordance to the terms of the Service Engagement, the Site debits the Fishingfavors Escrow Account of the Asker and credits the Fishingfavors Escrow Account of the Doer with the amount of Engagement price net of Fishingfavors' service fee.

At the User's request, the Site will transfer the amount from Fishingfavors Escrow Account to the User via PayPal, wire transfer, Automatic Clearing House ("ACH") credit, or e-check, with the help of Tipalti service. Fishingfavors will transfer funds only to accounts maintained in the name of the User, or make checks only to the name of the User. Fishingfavors will not pay third parties, nor handle any payments not related to a transaction registered at Fishingfavors in accordance with the Service Engagement.

Payment processing fees may be withheld from User's Fishingfavors Escrow Account in accordance with the Service Fees Page.

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