Anglers helping anglers

Crowdsource any of your fishing needs.

Open the world of fishing favors and let other anglers help you in any situation – whether it's related to tackle, boats or a fishing trip. FishingFavors is a one-stop online solution that allows fishermen all over the world to participate in the sharing economy and receive firsthand expertise and service.

Proud to be innovative

A Wide Range of Services

We believe that no fishing favor is too big, too small or too informal to be asked, since anglers will always need help in different contexts.

Real Peer-to-Peer Contacts

We eliminate the need for an intermediary and foster direct interactions between anglers through our tailor-made management system.

Convenience and Protection

Thanks to the platform's in-house payment solution, we provide our users with a sense of security and self-confidence.

You fish, we hold up

Ask for help or help others

Post your fishing favor request in just a few clicks or find a favor already posted for which you can lend a helping hand.

Cast your question

Turn to our FishingFavors community in order to get advice and share expertise straight from the source.

Reward and get rewarded

Open your payment account on the platform, where all operations are tracked and secured.

Manage your favors

From your single Decision Board page, you can operate all of your engagements and chat with your counterparts.

Founding team

Andrey Grigoryev

Andrey Grigoryev

Business Development

Andrey is an experienced entrepreneur and a Representative of International Game Fish Association since 2005. Andrey is an avid saltwater and freshwater angler and travel aficionado.

Luis Miguel Fernandes

Luis Miguel Fernandes


Luis is an accomplished manager and financier passionate about technology. Luis has led financial teams in multinational companies in Europe and Africa.

Dmitry Bogorodskiy

Dmitry Bogorodskiy


As a true programming geek with a decade of software development experience under his belt, Dmitry is the creator of the platform’s architecture and tech solutions.

Advisory board members

Massimo Brogna

Massimo Brogna

Trustee of International Game Fish Association.

Chairman of European & Mediterranean Regional Council.

Rob Kramer

Rob Kramer

President of Wild Oceans Conservation.

President of International Game Fish Association in 2002-2017.

Tim Simpson

Tim Simpson

Editor an publisher of BlueWater magazine.

Trustee of Billfish Foundation.

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